18 November, 7pm, doors 6:30pm
Maggie’s Bar, 72 Stamford Hill
London, N166XS

On the 18th November, 1987 a fire broke out in the Underground station at King’s Cross claiming the lives of 31 people. One unidentified victim, burned beyond all recognition, was known, for over 20 years, as ‘Body 115’. King’s Cross, formerly Battle Bridge, was the also the site where Boudicca’s rebel army confronted the Roman garrison, setting Londinium ablaze and reducing it to ashes. 

Today, a rejuvenated gateway to Europe, its cafes, piazzas and boulevards mask a seedy and often squalid history… and from the rain-washed, subterranean underworld of King’s Cross, ‘Body 115’ emerges, a Virgil like figure, in this miniature epic – a tale of inner and outer journeys in explicit homage to Dante’s Divine Comedy. 

“Modernity penetrating antiquity. Sensual, sad, passionate.”
Justin Butcher