“Modernity penetrating antiquity. Sensual, sad, passionate.”
Justin Butcher

“Moving and mesmerising. An animated tapestry of contemporary life that taps into the fragmented roots of our collective past.”
Daniel Richards, UniMi

“A brilliant show. Astonishing and startling poetic images”
Illona Linthwaite

“Jan Noble is a force”
Guy Masterson


Adapted for the stage by award winning writer and director Justin Butcher (Scaramouche JonesThe Madness Of George Dubya) ‘Body 115’ is a tale of inner and outer journeys in explicit homage to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Written and performed by poet Jan Noble with sound design by Jack Arnold this one hour, one man show is an energetic blend of theatre and richly lyrical poetry.


From the rain-washed, subterranean underworld of Kings Cross ‘Body 115’ – the long unidentified victim of the 1987 fire – becomes Virgil to Noble’s Dante. Through London runnels they tramp, invoking ancient rebellion and civil strife, to Kent and a tempestuous Channel crossing. They enter France through the limbo realm of the Jungle refugee camp and into the slumbering battlefields of Flanders. Asleep on his feet, our poet-hero journeys on to Paris, where poet-ghosts of yesteryear throng the backstreets of Montparnasse. And at last to Milan, in a season of wet weather, where more than just the rain awaits.